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Thinking about selling your goods at the John Day Farmers Market? Here are two documents you'll need to get started:

» Market Member/Vendor Application

» Market Rules and Guidelines

How to Buy and Eat Local
» Buy directly from a local producer. Contact some of the producers listed here.

» Go to the Farmers Markets (seasonal). Support the local vendors who come out to the market for your convenience.

» Get involved with a community garden. Grow your own food, or food for someone in need at one of the several community gardens around the county.

» Buy from a retailer that sells or prepares locally produced food. Encourage local retailers to source their products locally by purchasing from local producers and processors.

» Buy locally raised whole animals. Contact one of the livestock producers to arrange the purchase of an animal for meat, then contact a custom meat processor for the kill, cut and wrap.


Making fresh, healthy food more available and affordable

Since locally produced food does not have to travel great distances to get to your plate, the cost of transportation is saved in the product price. It also spends less time in storage between when it is harvested and when it reaches your table... Read More »
Historic produce
During the early 1900s there were 40 to 50 thousand acres of fruit trees.

Five to six thousand acres of grain was being produced.

Until 1950, 140,000 gallons of milk was being produced annually.

At the same time, 20,000 dozen eggs were being produced yearly.
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